Application / Registration

A non-refundable application fee is due when the application is accepted.
Note: This fee will not be applied towards tuition payments.

Tuition is due and payable at the beginning of each term. If your child does not attend Little Blessings International School for any reason – illness, vacation or holiday. We require that the entire term’s tuition be paid in full prior to the absence; this will guarantee his or her space upon return.

Tuition is based on full-time enrollment and guarantees your child a space at the school.

Sibling Discount
A tuition discount of 10% of the second child’s tuition is available to families with more than one child currently enrolled at Little Blessings International School.

Special Activities
Activities and programs, such as summer activities, field trips, etc., may be offered at an additional charge. Fees are payable by the day of the event or the first day of the program.

Regular tuition rates apply during weeks containing holidays for which the Center is closed.
Pro-Rated Tuition – We do not provide pro-rated tuition rates.

Payment Options
Little Blessings International School accepts payment for tuition and fees in the form of a personal check and direct deposits. No cash is accepted as payment of term tuition on Little Blessings International School premises. Payments receipts can be furnished upon request.

A late fee of 10% is incurred for term tuition fees paid more than 10days after the school term resumes.

Please stop by or call us on +233 – 550197443 for further enquiry on application fees, registration cost and tuition payment.